1) Good Content –

The more a website has relevant content, the more it is User friendly. The content should not only be interesting but also should be fresh and original. The content also needs to be updated regularly. It must be concise and clear because no one would like to spend much time reading.

2) Well designed Pages –

Easy to use website is always appreciated. It must be navigation friendly. All the necessary informations should be easily accessible. The colours used should be well in contrast and the texts should be properly sized.

3) Compatability with all popular web browsers –

A good website must work properly on all popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opers, Safari and Internet Explorer.

4) Target Audience should always be kept in mind –

To enhance the website designing, considering specific groups of people who you think would definitely visit your site. Say, if you own a business of Women Apparels, the users must get a feminine feel on visiting your website.

5) Testimonials –

In today’s world of Social Media, customers analyse any product or service on the basis of feedback of others. Hence, if your site has testimonials, it becomes easy for the viewers as they find it more genuine to frame any perception about you.

6) Keeping a track of visitors ––

Tracking visitors will help you in improving the quality of your website. There are various tools like Google Analytics that will keep track of the various data like no. of visitors, which pages were viewed, how many visitors viewed your site till the last page, how many left in between and many more.

Never forget that a poorly built website can take no time in bringing down the performance of your business. Use innovative technologies for your business website enhancement. So, without a second thought, get an affordable and user friendly website built from @EastSons Technologies IT Services which promises to provide you the best service with future maintenance.

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