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In today’s world, number of mobile users are increasing rapidly and superseding with the total users using internet from their mobile phones than over the laptop or desktop. All users look for an easy navigation and stick with seamless and smooth browsing experiences only. So we highly recommend businesses to create their mobile platforms and offer an easy interface to browse your products or services by your clients. This is how we do it.


We develop Native Mobile Applications for iOS, Android platforms. Our Experienced team have gained a wonderful experts in building the most appealing, engaging and interactive native mobile apps through years of experience on diverse project requirements.


We also get Hybrid Mobile Apps developed that offer faster time to market and cross-channel mobility on popular mobile app platforms like iOS and Android. We understand the intricacies of each platform and leverage their features and functionalities to the optimum when developing.

All services with us are backed by emerging new technologies that are future-proof. We offer mobile app development services for Android and iOS.

A reliable and cost-effective mobile app development service.

Catering all industries for Bespoke Mobile Application solutions

In this versatile empowered world, a mobile application development organization can play a pivotal part for your business, regardless of your industry to be Retail, Healthcare, Education, Fitness, Hospitality, Real Estate, Travel, Finance etc. Whether you need a custom Android or native iOS application, EastSons’ can offer front line application development services for new companies and organizations that utilizes the full power of new mobile technology. What makes our application designing really unique, however, is we don't simply give you an off-the-stake arrangement.

Instead, we significantly plunge into versatile applications advancement you are eager to have, with our long years of training in the field to produce an exhaustive application system of which your application is the primary element.

A well experienced Mobile Application Development team capable of producing your idea for the app in to a realty

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Why is there a requirement to develop Mobile Apps?

In today’s digital landscape, with the widespread usage of smartphones and tablets we all have recognized the importance of Mobile Apps. Mobile Apps offer a seamless and customized user experience which helps in fostering greater engagements and customer loyalty. Here are some compelling reasons why does a business requires Mobile App:

Boosts Sale

Custom mobile apps will offer users a flawless user experience which will automatically boost the sales and revenue. A mobile app for your business boosts the reachability to the target audience and hence the sales.

Competitive Advantage

Presence of online business will help your business to stand out from the crowd and will help you gain competitive advantage. Also it will make your business reach to potential users specifically in the USA, UK, and Canada.

Enhances Brand Visibility

Custom mobile app development will serve as a constant reminder on user’s devices. This will increase the chance of brand visibility amongst the competitors.

Improves Accessibility

Regardless of the location, app will be accessible for the users 24/7 which ultimately will increase the user engagements and traffic in the app. Mobile app development agency assists the users to develop the apps for their business.

User Engagement

Mobile application development provides direct channel to engage with the users. Including various features like- push notifications, product discounts, promotions and relevant updates will help to increase the user engagements.

Data Insights and Analytics

Apps helps to gather the user behavior, preferences and interactions. Using analytic tools will help to gain knowledge regarding the user patterns, choices. 

Mobile Commerce Feature

eCommerce features such as- browsing the products, adding items to cart, complete the payment and purchasing the products with ease. Having such an App in hand will simplify the process for user from going out and purchasing.

Data Security

Apps have layers of security which doesn’t allow any kind of security breach. App Development frameworks provide analytics and tools to identify and resolve issues.

What all we could help

A mobile app needs much more than what we normally think to keep running and updated. We help our client's to keep their apps running well with all modern updates.

Version Upgrades

Every text, image, icon or button can be edited or replaced simply by selecting it & applying the customisation options you want. 

Performance Upgrade

No matter if you've used a visual page builder before, with this you'll be a pro the second you start using it. It's easy with our builder.

Keep Bug Free

No more loading - create, style and enjoy. Our user interface was built on React. We guarantee you will love the simplicity of it.

Server Support

Every editing option is extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with. Build your dream website.

eCommerce mobile app for business

Thinking to develop a mobile app for your business?

EastSons’ has set up itself as one of the leading mobile application development organizations with a team of 50+ partners guaranteeing completely planned and productively created solutions with the best conceivable profit from your endeavor in mobile technology.

How much does Mobile Application Cost?

Mobile Apps has become an essential and integral part of today’s world. However, the process of mobile application development includes multiple intricate factors and features. Understanding the steps and complexity of app development will help you to plan the budget for the project. Apps with basic features tend to be more cost effective whereas the apps with more complicated features tend to cost more. A React Native Development company offers the services which is most effective and it acts as a bridge between web and mobile apps.

Cost of App Development depends on below listed factors:

Type and complexity

Size of the app that you are looking to develop is the basic factor to decide the cost for development. Using complex features will increase the cost of the development. 

Design and UI

Adding appealing and user friendly design is much important to attract the users. Android application development company may also suggest to include visual elements, animations and interactive elements to attract the users and this might drive up the costs. 

Choice of platform

The choice of platform like- Android, IOS or choosing both can impact the costs, because both the platforms requires separate codes, testing, optimization and efforts.  

Development Approach

Approaches like- native, hybrid or cross platform mobile app development is much responsible for the development costs. 

Technical Integrations

Integrating services such as- social media platforms, real time locations, payment gateways significantly increases the development costs.

Development Team Location

The development team and location play a significant role in costs. Hiring best and experienced team will help to manage costs. 

Overall depending on these factors the cost of development varies. The cost of basic app development with minimal features starts from 3000USD and can range up to 8000USD whereas the application with detailed and complicated features starts from 8000USD and can range up to several thousand dollars.  

Framework helping to build

cross platform app

EastSons’ offers top caliber and end to end versatile mobile application development services to customers from different business verticals. With our inventive and innovation driven methodology, we make versatile applications that relieve hazard factors and offer uncommon client experience.

React Native Development

EastSons' is one of the leading React Native application development organization createing feature-rich Hybrid Android and iOS applications by utilizing the most recent React JavaScript system and library. We have a team of qualified and enthusiastic React Native development experts’ innovative creators and proficient developers who utilize most recent React JavaScript system and library to create native Android and iOS applications.

Open Source: The React Native developers can execute its libraries and use them in APIs with no operability issues.

Great Synchronicity: React Native gives better Native Experience in view of its tuning with Mobile Devices' Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Live Reload: React Native empowers you to see the after effects of the changes in code as and when the designers make them.

Why choose us?

EastSons’  has set up itself as one of the leading mobile application development organizations with a team of 100+ partners guaranteeing completely planned and productively created solutions with the best conceivable profit from your endeavor in mobile technology.


We ensure that a resource is allocated to your project as soon as it is awarded to us and all your emails and calls would be responded to within 4-6 hours.


We believe in having a good working relationship with all our business partners based on mutual trust and respect.


We believe in completely researching the project, the intended market, and the target audience to suggest you with the best possible solution.


We always sign an NDA to protect your idea and the product from any kind of information leakage. We never claim the work we do with partner agencies.


All the codes delivered by us are highly secure and helps the platform to keep secure and private from the spammers.


No matter what time zone you are based but our representatives are available in EST, CST, GMT and IST working time hours to help you with anything.

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