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Get a fresh look your old website and target your audience efficiently.

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Get your Website Enhanced

No matter if you are looking to get a completely new website or willing to enhance certain pages or sections on your website, we at EastSons Technologies help you to avail hourly packages for all such amendments.

Our solutions are comprehensive – from small site upgrades and mobile-friendly versions to complete overhaul. Our motto is to associate with you to increase your sales, web traffic and conversion rates. We have expertise in social media marketing, but also offer a long list of other professional services.

Revamp Your Old Website

We have a Agile process for all such small rework that you need on your current website. We just charge you for that specific work the basis of amount of hours spent on your task. Minimal payment process to get your website a new look and feel.

EastSons’ Technologies offers website solutions which includes extensive analysis followed by professional recommendations to enhance the design, function or layout of an existing website. We’ve found that it often only takes updating a few important elements in order for the website to do its job.

Determine these pointers and check if your website needs a redesign!

1. Is your website appealing and engaging?

2. Does your website load quickly?

3. Is your website responsive and mobile-friendly?

4. Does your existing design reflect your company's values and brand image?

5. Does your website achieve the business objectives?

6. Compared to competitor’s websites, does your website offer a better user experience?

Benefits of React Native Development
  • Design and Layout:
  • User Experience (UX) Design:
  • Responsive Design:
  • Functionality and feature upgrades:
  • Performance Optimization:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Design and Layout:

We will evaluate your existing design and identify the areas that requires upgradation. It might be the layout, theme, color scheme and overall appearance.

User Experience (UX) Design:

We prioritise on enhancing the user experience by optimising the website, boosting the performance of the website, providing natural user flows, and making it simpler for users. Our website redesign services will certainly give the existing website an updated, impressive look.

Responsive Design:

We ensure the website is user-friendly and responsive. A website must be responsive in order to display properly on devices with different screen sizes, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

Functionality and feature upgrades:

We upgrade the features and functionality of the Website. This may include adding or deleting certain features. Features may include - adding e-commerce plugin, adding landing page, integrating social media feeds etc.

Performance Optimization:

We optimize the website which helps in boosting the loading speed and overall performance of the website. Website Revamp will help the users to experience smooth browsing experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

A Website Revamp will definitely help in improving the visibility and ranking in google search result. We will definitely include best SEO practices and ensure the website to rank. Investing in SEO, will help your website to attract more organic traffic and generate revenue.

Reasons That Make Us Stand Ahead In The League


EastSons Technologies is a world Class Web & Mobile Application Development Company involved in creating a wide range of websites and applications using modern day technologies.


Your business idea is our purpose. We are fully committed to help you grow your idea beyond your common imagination and we put our best experience and expertise to bring it to reality.


We help you to get the desired ideas into realty. We can build custom softwares for your specific buiness need. We could be your digital partner providing reliable development services.

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New Website Design
Website Revamp

We can help you to add new pages in your existing website or do design alterations over to make a new look and feel to your old web presence.

New Website Design

We can help you to come with a completely new design for your old website. Our designers will keep the modules as it is and get a transformation to the layout only.

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