Perks Of Using Codeigniter For Web Development

Perks Of Using Codeigniter For Web Development

In this ever-evolving world of technology, choosing the right framework for the web development might be a daunting task. There are many open-source platforms available for developing the website. Such as- Laravel, Drupal, CodeIgniter. A true development powerhouse is- CodeIgniter. But still, some are unknown with the importance of CodeIgniter. Whether you’re a developer or user seeking some budding technologies that has plunged into the world of web development should be knowing why is CodeIgniter a top choice for web development services. Businesses have already started harnessing the powers of CodeIgniter development services in UK to create immersive digital experiences and conquer the digital spaces.

Let’s dive in details and learn regarding what is CodeIgniter and why is it preferred by web developers.

CodeIgniter: What is it exactly?

CodeIgniter is a free, open-source framework that is used for developing web applications. This provides ready-to-use library which is directly connected to the database and also can perform multiple functions together. This simplifies the PHP syntax and streamlines the application source code on Web Pages. Businesses have started harnessing the powers of CodeIgniter development services in UK to create immersive digital experiences and conquer the digital spaces.

Top advance features of CodeIgniter:

Perks Of Using Codeigniter For Web Development
  1. MVC Architecture:
    CodeIgniter sticks to the MVC structure (Model-View-Controller). This structure enhances the code maintainability. The web developers can actually perform multiple tasks without any hustle, making the development process even more organized and efficient.
  2. Error Handling:
    Developing a bug-free website is a main feature of CodeIgniter. It is quick enough to detect the bugs or errors that restricts the website from performing better. None of your users will want to review the website that performs slowly. So, smooth user experience will attract more users and this is main feature of CodeIgniter.
  3. Flexible URL Routing:
    CodeIgniter offers flexible URL routing capabilities which allows the web developers to define custom URL for the web pages. This features helps to define the URL as per the SEO perspective, which will definitely help in enhancing the SEO rankings.
  4. SEO friendly features:
    Who doesn’t want their website to rank in google? CodeIgniter helps the website to rank in the search engine and this is the main reason the digital marketing experts like CodeIgniter that helps them to achieve them their ultimate goals. With this feature, your business will be able to stand out in the competitive online market place of USA, UK, Canada and gain a brand value.
  5. Security Features:
    In web development, most of the users are concerned regarding the Security measures and CodeIgniter provides several built-in features to keep the website secure. There are certain tools like- Cross-site scripting, SQL injection prevention, that helps the developers to develop secure and dynamic website.
  6. Quick Migration:
    Irrespective of the website that you develop, CodeIgniter’s features will help in performing the migration quicker. May it be Updations, server migrations, data migrations the entire process will be smooth and the data will be secure.
  7. Better output with less codes:
    With this framework, you will be able to get best results with less codes. Reduced typing time will help in creating less errors and smooth process for development. Additionally, less codes will require less storage and will run more quickly, which will lead to the development of web app to be very fast.

Bottom Line:

It is always important to choose the right framework for successful web development and CodeIgniter provides numerous benefits to the developers, which proves that it is best to use. So, in case you are looking to develop dynamic, secure and high-performing website, CodeIgniter is the best option to choose and should always be in the top of the list.

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