With the expansion of the digital world, every business feels the need to establish its digital presence through a website, mobile app, social media.

Xamarin is an open source for cross-platform app development based on .NET Framework and C#.

Mobile applications are is one of the key platforms gaining pace. Attracting the target audience effectively towards the individual business is the need of the hour. In today’s hi-tech world, developing a mobile application is not economical rather it turns out to be an expensive and long process.

As there are so many platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that offers all of the features one needs. Cross-Platform Applications technology as we know makes the application development process easy and simple.

Xamarin is an open source for cross-platform app development based on .NET Framework and C#. It helps in the much faster development of applications across various operating systems like IOS, Android, etc.

Xamarin application development is now becoming the latest buzz in the business application development industry, and even non-technical people know about its popularity.

Xamarin enables developers to build on their existing skillsets rather than learn new ones.

Why Xamarin for Cross-Platform Applications Development : –

Mentioned below are some key reasons why Xamarin is preferred for Cross-Platform Applications: –

  1. It helps is building mobile apps much faster – We can write most of the codes only once and share it across various apps like IOS, Android and Windows. It helps in mobile apps time to market it. With cutting down on the cross-platform code duplication, one can have more functionality to the mobile app.It also means that your app will provide a high-quality experience to consumers regardless of their device. Since an app takes a lot of time and money to develop, it only makes sense to ensure that many people can use it.
  2. Bugs can easily be avoided with Xamarin leading to increase in software quality – Its all because of code reuse. As the code is written once and is shared across various platforms.This way platform specific errors can be reduced drastically. The chances of introducing bugs are also reduced because Xamarin developerswork with one programming language and one API.
  3. Community support is massive and fabulous – One of the biggest reasons why you need to consider using Xamarin over other cross-platform development tools (like PhoneGap) is that it has an extensive and active community around it. The user base consists of people from various backgrounds: corporate software developers, independent mobile application developers etc. It means we can get help with your project no matter our technical skill level.
  4. Easy to learn – To develop Android and iOS apps, it normally requires two separate programming languages, that is, Java and Objective-C respectively, which requires you to understand two different ways of doing the same thing. Whereas, using Xamarin you need to learn only one language i.e C#, which helps to develop apps across multiple mobile operating systems. So, it is easy to learn a single language rather than two different languages for the same process.
  5. It’s quite secure – In a cross-platform project, you want to ensure your application is safe and secure. The best way to do that is with end-to-end encryption and authentication. With solutions like Azure Active Directory and Azure Key Vault (both comes with Xamarin license), developers can easily protect their applications without worrying on vulnerabilities.
  6. Less Maintenance is there– Application developed in Xamarin are easy to maintain as the platform allows the developers to share the code. Any updates, changes or fixes can be made in the source code as it by default automatically applies to all the operating systems. This again saves time of development and reduces cost. Xamarin has a good community that provides customer support along with proper documentation and opportunities for training.
  7. Flexibility and improved performance – The cross-platform features apply native UI controls and platform-specific acceleration of the hardware. It means close-to-native fast performance. Applications made with Xamarin give a better user experience with standardized UI control, not requiring the programmers to develop additional plug-ins.
  8. Scaling without limits – With Xamarin we can make our cross-platform applications look and feel consistent across all the devices. It helps end users to get seamless experience across devices that may not have a same operating system.
  9. Less Hardware Compatibility Issues – It offers a wide range of APIs and Plugins in the toolkit for the cross-platform application developmentwhich enables developers to interact on a native level with the hardware device. Also, the toolkits make sure that there are no compatibility issues while developing such applications.
  10. Xamarin delivers high performance and excellent UX based on native API.
  11. Xamarin provides the ability to quickly build Minimum Viable Product Applications with minimal engineering costs and test the application for viability. For applications with complex user interfaces and high system dependencies, the amount of shared code is drastically reduced.

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