How Much Does It Cost To Revamp An Ecommerce Website

How Much Does it Cost to Revamp an E-commerce Website?

In this evolving world, staying ahead of the curve is much necessary. The market has much more shifted to online where the users easily find the businesses themselves and choose wisely. As per the online consumer behaviour and trends, the businesses have started being visible online. Many of the business owners have developed the E-Commerce Website to remain competitive and deliver exceptional user experience. Developing the e-commerce website and thinking that there are no more steps left and cost to revamp an e-commerce website is very high. Whether you start a small business or large business online, website redesigning is a significant factor. It is essential to recognize the factor that website redesigning is not a business, it is investment for future business and well executed redesigning process will help you enhance user engagements, boost sales, generate revenue and elevate brand value. Let’s understand how much important is e-commerce website redesign and most commonly asked query – “how much does it cost to redesign a website”.

How Much Does It Cost To Revamp An E-commerce Website

Cost-Influencing Factors for E-commerce Website:

The best way to calculate the E-commerce website redesign cost is to understand the factors that are required to be updated. There are multiple crucial factors that should be taken into consideration while deciding to revamp your website. Below mentioned are the points-

  1. UI/UX Design and Navigation- Prioritize user-centric design and simplify the navigation processes- search, browse, menu, filters for better search.
  2. Responsive Design- Ensuring the design is responsive and responsive to various devices which will ultimately enhance the user engagements.
  3. Page loading speed- Optimize page loading speed because slow website loading might reduce user traffic and SEO rankings.
  4. Product Pages- The product pages with clear images, engaging product description, pricing and customer reviews will help to build trust in the users.
  5. Security and Payment Options- Ensure that the website follows all the security guidelines and secure payment gateways which will protect the user data. Also offer variety range of secure payment gateways based on user preferences.
  6. SEO Considerations- Implement best SEO strategy which the e-commerce website development company follows so based on the same the google rankings also increases.
  7. Competitor Analysis- Most important factor is to analyse the competitors and identify trending designs, technologies, features to achieve the milestones.

Calculating E-commerce Website Redesign Costs:

Considering all the factors, basic e-commerce website revamp cost starts from 1000USD and can range up to 3000USD depending on the features that you want to integrate. And the complex eCommerce website redesigning starts from 3000USD to 7000-8000USD or can run more than 10000USD depending again on the functionalities. The more complex and advanced features the higher goes the price. Ensure finding the best website development company who can assist you anytime and remember, your website is never complete, you always need to redesign and optimize the same.

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