Did you know more than 43.1% of businesses use WordPress CMS to sell their products and services? That’s 810 Million businesses for you! Moreover, with so many entrepreneurs using WordPress for small business websites, it has a whopping 64.2% market share.

Top Reasons Why WordPress Is Good For Small Business Websites?

Now the question is, why do these businesses trust WordPress for their businesses, and what advantages do they get? The answer is simple; WordPress is a flexible CMS and incredibly easy to use.

But, that’s not all! There are several reasons to swoon over WordPress, and you will find out about that today.

Reasons Why WordPress For Small Business Is The Best Choice

Honestly speaking, WordPress is not good for small businesses!! Yes, because it’s the BEST Content Management System (CMS) for small businesses. In fact, WordPress for small business websites works like a boon, helping them to make a strong impression on clients.

And why is it the best? You will know about it now!

1. Effortless To Set Up

WordPress is easy to install and easier to configure. With some basic information like your WordPress username and password, you’re ready to explore the CMS features. And once there, you can customize various features including the CMS version, and update policies.

Moreover, with a WordPress development company in USA like EastSons Technologies, installing WordPress for your system is easier. Therefore, whether it’s developing your page, maintaining WordPress, or migrating to it, you’re fully covered.

2. Is Absolutely Free

WordPress is FREE! Yes, whether you are an e-commerce space or a high-end website design and development company in USA, there’s no need to pay WordPress a penny.

Furthermore, you can also access free plug-ins and other features for free, while using WordPress for website building. And although these tools might have their limitations, they’re enough for you to get started in your business.

That said, you would still need to pay for your unique domain name and a hosting service. Then again, those prices are affordable for small business owners.

3. Seamlessly Integrates Third-Party & Social Media Platforms

WordPress seamlessly integrates social media platforms and third-party applications into your website. So, with a good WordPress business plan, you can load your website with features. And stay connected with your clientele beyond your website.

4. Is E-Commerce Websites’ Paradise

Woocommerce, an e-commerce software solution powered by WordPress, owns over 25% of the market share. This means, more than 3.5 million brands use Woocommerce extensions to power their businesses.

But, you have to believe the data! If you hire affordable WordPress developers, ask them what plug-in they use, and they’ll tell you about Woocommerce. You will find more than 794 Woocommerce extensions to build your website.

5. No Power Play Over Website Ownership

If the confusion, “Is WordPress good for my small business?” lingering in your mind, hear this out. With WordPress, you can have full control over your website.

WordPress will not limit your access to your website, with you having full control to regulate your website.

6. User & Mobile Friendly Always

A vital benefit and importance of WordPress websites is that they are user and mobile-friendly. For example, WordPress websites fit in every device, be it your computer or phone. Moreover, it is also compatible with iPhone, Android, and various other interfaces.

Therefore, it renders you and your clientele with accessibility wherever you guys are.

7. Customize It Your Way

If you’re learning about the benefits of WordPress for business, you must learn about this point. WORDPRESS IS CUSTOMIZABLE IN EVERY WAY!

There are more than 59,000 free WordPress plugins, over 8,000 themes, and various other features to customize your website the way you want.

Therefore, hire your preferred developer and select your favorite theme. And the rest will definitely come your way.

8. Is SEO-Friendly

This is the most important feature of WordPress. You will stumble across various WordPress articles, ignoring this point, and drumming about other features.

But, Seo-friendliness is one of the best features of WordPress. In 2023, gaining organic traffic for your website is only possible through SEO. And keeping that in mind, WordPress has ensured to design itself for SEO, from its inception.

9. Is Easy To Maintain

WordPress is easy to maintain and offers easy permission management. There are 6 different default admin roles:

  • Super Administrator
  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

Among these roles, the Super Administrator holds the highest position with access to every content, and the ability to edit files. And subscribers hold a much-restricted position, with the ability to just read content and customize their user details.

This feature also makes WordPress for small business websites a more reliable space to depend upon.

10. Has a Huge Community

WordPress has over 409 million active community members, including TED and Spotify. This means you will have a huge and strong family to fall back on!

WordPress users regularly share their thoughts about the CMS on online forums. Thus, it helps you make the most of WordPress, by gaining in-depth knowledge about the CMS.


Using WordPress for small business websites gives them the liberty to take charge of their business websites. At the same time, they also receive constant support from one of the best CMSes. With WordPress by your side, you can create and maintain your business, with minimum glitches and high-end technology.

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